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college of business

our students today are the business leaders of tomorrow

building businesses for the future

our cross-disciplinary college teaches students to explore how the fields of analytics, business, communication, economics, mathematics and political science all connect in the 21st century.

we are proud of our graduates who find success in business management and nonprofit careers across the globe. we continually update our existing classes and add new, emerging programs to push beyond the status quo. graduates from our school benefit from exposure to a wide variety of decision-making and leadership concepts that leave them ready to tackle what lies ahead.

degree program offerings

about the college of business...

we are a top business school and home to the renowned helzberg school of management — one of the best business schools in the country. our degrees are built on three of the most highly marketable skills in today’s workplace — the ability to make sound business and organizational decisions, to lead and positively influence others, as well as the conscience to make the right decisions.


our jesuit education seeks to create positive social change through the fields of communication, economics and political science. influence and persuasion are fundamental to effective leadership in a world where technology is redefining how we communicate. influential people know how to wield the power of persuasion, using both traditional forms of communication as well as newer digital forms such as influencer marketing on social media.

and information analysis

the core of information analysis is rooted in data — lots and lots of data. our students’ study of mathematics and data analytics centers on strong comprehension of computer science, applied mathematics, and analytics and technology. through rigorous coursework in probability and statistics, modeling, data mining, business analytics, big data analytics and the use of data analysis tools, students will learn not only how to analyze data, but also what questions to ask and how to communicate results.

33 no. 33 ranked undergraduate program in management in the 2022 u.s. news & world report rankings by specialty

18 no. 18 ranked graduate program in management in the 2020 u.s. news & world report rankings by specialty

tied with nyu and unc - chapel hill

15 no. 15 ranked graduate program in information systems in the 2020 u.s. news & world report rankings by specialty

tied with the university of michigan

dean’s scholar program

why wait six years for what you can do in five? the dean’s scholar program is a 4+1 track that allows rockhurst students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in five years (4 years for undergraduate, 1 year for graduate).

magis leaders program

the magis leaders program (mlp) provides an opportunity for students to participate in and be rewarded for their achievement in transitioning from life as a student to life as a professional. under the direction of a distinguished executive professional, completion of the mlp requires attendance at mlp seminars focused on key areas of applied personal and professional development. students in the mlp benefit from a personal mentor throughout the program. students stay in touch with their mentors long after graduation.

interdisciplinary studies

世界杯赛程2022最新赛程表 offers a wide range of interdisciplinary programs that incorporate two or more areas of study to prepare students for diverse careers in a global context. focusing on an interdisciplinary approach allows students to learn a variety of academic topics and skills that they can apply after graduation to seek innovative solutions to complex problems.