With a wealth of experience, Ian offers advice on all types of mortgage and any issues relating to securing your loan.

These are just a few of the services on offer. If you wish to discuss anything in more detail or organise a consultation, please contact Ian Riddle. 

Initial advice is free; if for whatever reason, Ian is unable to help you find a mortgage, you will not be charged.

First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers

Buying a house for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. There will be so many features to consider that it can make the whole process rather confusing! With his experience as a broker, Ian has access to specific mortgages intended for first-time buyers. He can present a range of options and highlight the benefits of each, making your choice much easier and saving you time and money.


Buy to Let


If you already own a property and wish to buy a second as an investment opportunity, a buy-to-let mortgage is available. In the current economic climate, buy-to-let mortgages are prone to change, but Ian will guide you to choose the right mortgage with the best solution for your situation. 
Self Employed


Despite the popularity of self-employment, it can still be tricky to apply for a mortgage under these circumstances. However, it is proven that assessment for this type of mortgage can be enhanced, when presented by a mortgage broker. In addition, Ian has access to lenders that are more likely to accept an application, providing you meet the criteria.
Right to Buy


Right-to-buy mortgages have returned to the UK and as a result, there are many different options available. Ian can help you to find the best mortgage, ensuring the correct payments for you.
Second Charges

Second charges

If you want to raise the capital on the property you already own, a second charge loan is for you. Perhaps you are looking to carry out improvements on your home, planning a wedding or have school or university fees that you need to cover. Any of these factors may mean you need to release equity from your property. Ian will help you chose the right product, ensuring that it is affordable for you in the long term.
Poor Credit Rating

Poor credit rating

Ian has excellent experience in finding mortgages for clients with poor credit ratings. It is simply a case of knowing where to look. There are a variety of options and Ian will discuss which solution is best for you.
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